About Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions is a journey through a relationship starting with a curious 
infatuation which leads to total and complete love! But, as it so often happens, 
reality begins to set in and we learn that it takes more than love to make love 
last. This collection of songs is near and dear to my heart and was recorded with 
the help of some of the most talented people in the music business! 

Credits and Dedications for Mixed Emotions 

Produced by:’ 
Kim Morrison. 
Arranged by: 
Kim Morrison. 
Background Vocal Arrangements: 
Kim Morrison. 
Kim Morrison, Ronnie Godfrey, Johnny Neel, Steve Davis, 
Casey Kelly and Gary Talley. 
16 th Avenue Sound, Treasure Isle and RCA Studios. 
Barry Sanders, Pat Hutchinson, and Doug Crider. 
Mastered by:’ 
Tim Kish. 
Dave Pomeroy, Dave Martin and Tim Loftin. 

Gene Houston, Lonnie Wilson, Tommy Wells, Vince Varranco and Dale 
Terry McMillan. 
Warren Haynes, Joe Khoury, Casey Kelly, Gary Talley and Jack Pearson. 
Ronnie Godfrey and Johnny Neel. 
Lead Vocals: 
Kim Morrison. 
Back ground Vocals: 
Kim Morrison, Dora Morrison, Ronnie Godfrey, Johnny Neel and Vicky Hampton. 
Front Cover Drawn by: 
Kim Morrison. 
Art work and design assistant: 
Andrew Fullen. 
Cd and cover duplication by We Make Tapes and Discs ,Nashville. 
Dedicated to: Dora, Lee, Eon, Emily, Avery, Augie, Izzy and Ronnie with love!